Matthew 8:6 Meditation

““Lord,” he said, “I have a son who is lying in my home, paralyzed and suffering terribly.””

Matthew 8:6 TPT


The heart of the father for a suffering child

Lays aside all pride in the search for a cure

He seeks out the one who by reputation

Has the answers he needs for his child salvation


In the words and actions of this Roman soldier

We can see a picture of God in action

For in Christ God left all heaven’s blessings

To come to earth to buy our salvation


This soldier who was an officer

Knew what it meant to be in charge

Knew how to address one who was above him

And he chose to call Jesus Lord


The words he chose showed he had real respect

That he took Jesus’ reputation seriously

He told Jesus plainly of his problem

Expecting that Jesus would have the solution


There was no doubt in this man’s approach

That Jesus would care for and cure his son

He had seen the heart of God in Jesus

And knew Jesus was one in whom he could trust


This man’s faith is a challenge to all who suffer

And all who care for a suffering one

To trust God our Father is loving and healing

To trust Jesus is our saving, healing Lord


That kind of faith is a gift from heaven

To simply know Jesus is our cure

And I will seek to live in it all my days

For it reveals Jesus in glory and praise

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