13. Love



Come and live in My love for you

Let it fill your life, through and through

Till nothing but love flows out of you

And you shine with my glory, remade, renewed



So I received His love, let it fill my life

It’s flow brought healing, joy and life

I can rest, have peace, knowing I am deeply loved

His Glory in me for eternity



Let me remake your heart so it beats to my tune

With love so tender it will be your strength too

Our two hearts as One, so united and true

The seat of My Kingdom, My temple and rule



So I gave Him my old heart and accepted the new

United with His, to His true

Filled with love so tender it is my strength too

His Presence, His Kingdom, my hearts rule



Let Me seal You in love as my faithful Bride

Receiving My Spirit as your power and guide

Sealing My resurrection in you

So we can be One, My Presence in you



So I received Jesus Spirit to seal me as His

Jesus resurrection, mine now too

His power and guidance flowing in my life

Jesus Presence in me, One with me in love



Come let me raise you in love to my throne

Join me in ruling in love as One

Know the flow of My love as it fills your world

With My Kingdom’s blessings forever revealed



So I accepted the gift of being raised to Christ’s throne

To join Him in ruling in love as One

To live in the flow of His love overflowing

His Kingdom’s blessings to this world revealing



Come My joy, be My lover, My bride

I’ve given all to have you by My side

Come be One in My love for eternity

Come live in My love and be truly free



I come in joyfully Lord as Your lover and bride

No gift is more precious than to be by Your side

To be One in Your love and in Your love set free

Is my joy and desire for eternity

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