29. Job

09/09/2018. Amanda Wilson


Job was a man

Whose respect for God ran deep

A man of true integrity

Who pleased God in everything


But the ruler of this world

Who is never satisfied

Said, “Job’s faith has not been tested, God

You’ve guarded all he has.”


God knew faith’s gold in Job

That only testing would reveal

So He allowed Satan to test him

To be God’s refining flame


Job lost all his wealth

Servants, animals and farm

Job’s children were all killed

Though Job was kept from harm


Job tore his robe in grief

Shaved his head to show his sorrow

Fell down and worshipped God

Still trusting God for tomorrow


Then Satan took Job’s health

Hoped to bring him down in fear

Covered him in boils

So his own skin Job did tear


Though his wife urged Job to turn

And curse God for this day

Job kept to his integrity

His faith in God did not sway


Three friends of Job came by

To give him some support

His losses were so great

That silence was their first resort


But looking for answers

To Job’s suffering and pain

They decided it must be his sin

Job must be to blame


Job called out to God for justice

“Please show them I am right!

I have not sinned,

Not been the cause of this dark night!”


Job called for an advocate

One who would plead his cause

In the heavenly courts

To God the judge of all


Though he did not know it

For it was well after his time

Job was calling for Jesus

To mediate his cause


When the accusations of Job’s friends

Had him nailed to the wall

God entered the debate

And His voice silenced all


“Where were you at earth’s beginning?

Did you create it all?

How can you judge my wisdom

when your knowledge is so small?”


The power of God’s Presence

The power, of God’s words

Brought Job to acknowledge

God’s wisdom conquered all


But in that powerful debate

Something awesome came about

Job who’d only known of God

Heard God’s voice and saw His face


Job aware of his sinfulness

Sought only to repent

God saw only Job’s faith’s righteousness

And sent Job to save his friends


From that encounter

Job got healing and new life

Full of heavens blessings

For he lived at God’s side


All that Job had lost

Was replaced many fold

And he lived like a king

Till he was very very old


The gold in Job’s faith

That was revealed in these trials

His faith-born righteousness

Sealed his place as God’s’ child


Job was welcome in God’s Presence

And he had a ministering role

And he inherited the blessings

That came from the King of kings


So when your faith is tested

As it will be one day

Remember You are Gods child

And keep seeking His face


Only God has the wisdom

To get you through this trial

And come through to all the blessings

Of being God’s beloved child.

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