30. Creation song

09/09/2018 Amanda Wilson


My heart rejoices in the Lord

The maker of heaven and earth

My lips sing His praises

And I rejoice in His worth


I see Your Glory daily

It covers all the earth

In each shaft of sunlight

And in each child’s birth


All the birds in flight

Show your fine engineering

Their different shapes and colours

Result from Your imagination


The waves on the ocean

Bow to no man’s hand

But they exist by your creation

By Your Word of command


The animals we treasure

And keep by our side

Who comfort and sustain us

Amaze us with their style


The people we love

And who love us in return

Show us Your Grace

Your face in theirs we discern


The stars in the sky

Sparkle in the night

Their brilliant light

A result of Your word’s might


The flowers in the gardens

Glow in colours we treasure

Their delicate beauty

Shows us Your loving pleasure


The mountains and valleys

Speak of Your great power

You are my hiding place Lord God

My strong eternal tower!

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