Light is Good


And God saw that the light was good.” Genesis 1:4a NLT

When Moses said to God, “show me your glory.” God replied, “I will make all my goodness pass before you.” (Exod. 33:18-19)

So goodness is the core nature and the glory of God. God himself is the source and definition of all goodness in this world.

So when God saw the light was good he saw His own glory in it; God’s glory, God’s goodness in this created world.

As you go about your day observe the light you see and welcome the Goodness, the Glory of God into your life.

The Physical light:

At the morning light I welcome Your Goodness Lord.

In the light that dances on and reflects from water I see Your Joyful Glory.

As the moon and stars at that guide us at night so I am guided by Your Goodness Lord.

As I turn on a light I welcome Your Goodness Lord.

The Spiritual light:

When You wrap me in the light of Your Glory I am undone by Your Goodness, the fullness of Your joy and love for me.

And when I see the light of Your Presence in the faces and actions of others I rejoice in the Presence of Your Glory in this world.

When You fill me with the light of Your Glory, Your life becomes mine and I am reborn in Your image.

The light of Your Glory is cleansing, healing, life-giving love and joy.

The Revelation light:

When I experience a revelation of the light of Your Glory I am drawn in love and awe to the powerful purity and beauty of Your Goodness.

When I experience the light of Your revelation through Your Word I feel Your Glory giving life to my body and soul.

The Goodness of Your voice brings light to my life and my soul longs to receive it every day.

I speak out and declare Your Word for my life:

Fill my heart with the light of Your Goodness

Renew my mind with the light of Your revelation Words

Fill my spirit with the light of Your resurrection power

Pour the light of Your love and joy into every corner of my being

Wrap me in the protective light of Your Glory

Light the way before me with Your Glory

Be the Goodness that guards my back

Daily declarations:

As I rise in the morning I say You are Good
As I move about my home I say Let Your Glory shine here

As I go about my work, my day, I say Let Your Glory shine here
Wherever I see darkness I say Let Your Glory shine here

As I lay down to sleep I say You are Good, Let Your Glory shine here

“And so the Living Expression [Jesus] became a man and lived among us! And we gazed upon the splendor of his glory, the glory of the One and Only who came from the Father overflowing with tender mercy and truth!” (John 1:14 TPT)

Pick your favourite account of one of Jesus actions in the Gospels.

Read it out loud every day looking at the goodness, the glory of Jesus.

Imagine you were the person Jesus was interacting with in that story. Write down what you imagined of the experience.

Create some art work that depicts the essentials of the story.

Write a one line thanksgiving prayer to Jesus for the Goodness/Glory you see there and pray it daily.

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