Lovingly Chosen by God

“And in love he chose us before he laid the foundation of the universe!” Ephesians 1:4a TPT

Somehow, as a child, I gained the belief that my parents had not chosen to have me and I had been an accidental pregnancy. And I knew that my mother had nearly died having me. So I felt unwanted. As an adult I mentioned this idea to my mother and she told me it was rubbish. They had definitely planned to have a third child (me). Despite her assurances I could not shake this wrong belief. So I asked God to fix it.

One evening sometime later I was reading Psalm 139 and as I read:

“For it was you [God] who formed my inward parts; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.” Psalms 139:13 NRSV

I had a vision of God’s hands intentionally and lovingly forming me in my mother’s womb. It simply blew away any thought that I was an accident or unwanted. The God of the Universe had decided I, Amanda, would be born. I was awestruck and sobbed in relief and joy as my heart was healed. It no longer mattered what my human parents had or had not done because I now I knew I was personally chosen by God.

Then God poured His love out on me in a supernatural way. It was like a tunnel of light was coming direct from God on His throne into and around me and I was completely saturated in His love. It was so powerful and wonderful that I had trouble breathing or moving. There was more love for me in Him than I could ever imagine and I just bathed in it.

On another occasion, in preparation for a public prayer ministry, God opened His heart to me in a vision and poured out His love for all people onto me. Again it was a powerful and overwhelming experience and I fell to the ground, unable to speak and sobbing deeply because of the astounding beauty of it.

Experiencing the truth that before we could do anything to earn His love or approval, God fully loved and chose us personally to live, is a truly liberating and life changing thing.

So how can we receive this revelation from God?

“God You lovingly chose me to be, before human history”

Resting in God to make it real to you, use that statement

1. for a time of meditation

2. as the basis of a daily thanksgiving prayer.

3. As an affirmation as you look at yourself in a mirror.

4. As inspiration for an artwork, writing or movie

5. As inspiration for a song or chant

6. However else you can think of to remind you

“God You lovingly chose me to be, before human history”

“God You lovingly chose me to be, before human history”

One thought on “Lovingly Chosen by God

  1. Once I had a vision of God swinging a baby on his leg…I realised that it was God contemplating who I would be. He put a lot of thought into me and sang it into me as the completed thought…His lullaby of me for me!


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