Gospel Plug-ins Introduction

Getting ‘plugged into’ and receiving from God is not a one off event but a lifestyle we need receive daily.

So use one of these plug-ins for a year or a new one every day, it does not matter. It is your relationship with God which will flourish as you give it attention.

Being ‘plugged into’ and receiving from God is not always simple, not always easy, and not without challenges and difficulties, but is is by far the best life you can have.

Looking back on my nearly 50 year journey with Jesus, I am eternally and profoundly grateful that Jesus enabled me to do life ‘plugged into’ God.

The Plug-in Prayer:

Lord Jesus I am finished living without You and God. Please fill my life with Your Presence, Your Holy Spirit and Your Resurrection power. Enable me to know my true home as a child of God in You. As all my wrong deeds, habits, thoughts and beliefs have died with You on the cross, fill me with Your life-giving righteous ones. Fill me to overflowing with Your love, joy and peace so that I glorify You. Keep me daily aware of Your Presence in me making me whole and holy.

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