“But if we keep living in the pure light that surrounds him, we share unbroken fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, continually cleanses us from all sin.”

1 John 1:7 TPT 

“In the city of Jericho there lived a very wealthy man named Zacchaeus, who was the supervisor over all the tax collectors. As Jesus made his way through the city, Zacchaeus was eager to see Jesus. He kept trying to get a look at him, but the crowd around Jesus was massive. Zacchaeus was a very short man and couldn’t see over the heads of the people.

Jesus said to him, “This shows that today life has come to you and your household, for you are a true son of Abraham. The Son of Man has come to seek out and to give life to those who are lost.” So he ran on ahead of everyone and climbed up a blossoming fig tree so he could get a glimpse of Jesus as he passed by. When Jesus got to that place, he looked up into the tree and said, “Zacchaeus, hurry on down, for I am appointed to stay at your house today!” So he scurried down the tree and came face-to-face with Jesus. As Jesus left to go with Zacchaeus, many in the crowd complained, “Look at this! Of all the people to have dinner with, he’s going to eat in the house of a crook.” Zacchaeus joyously welcomed Jesus and was amazed over his gracious visit to his home. Zacchaeus stood in front of the Lord and said, “Half of all that I own I will give to the poor. And Lord, if I have cheated anyone, I promise to pay back four times as much as I stole.”” Luke 19:1-10 TPT

Zacchaeus was a very wealthy man
A senior tax collector
He had made most of his money
By fraudulent tax collections
The people he had robbed
Hated Zac for his deception
This short but powerful man
Had no one that really loved him

Jesus came to Zac’s hometown
And the crowds they rushed to see Him
For Jesus amazing reputation
It had proceeded Him
They wanted to see miracles
Hear the great man’s teaching
Perhaps receive a blessing themselves
And Zac went eagerly with them

The crowds they were massive
And Zacchaeus could not see
He was to short to see over
So he went and climbed a tree
He wanted to see for himself
If what they said was true
If Jesus was so powerfully loving
Of sinners so forgiving

There was a hope deep in Zac’s heart
Even he was not aware of
A hope that one day he could be
Someone who was loved and cared for
Someone who was generous
Giving and kind
Someone just like Jesus
Loving all of mankind

As Jesus drew nearer
And Zac could see His face
This hope flamed up within him
And in hope he held his breath
Then Jesus looked Zac’s way
Smiled when He saw him
Made His way to Zac’s tree
And spoke straight to him

Much to everyone’s surprise
Jesus spoke lovingly to Zac
Told him to hurry down
So He could Zac’s home visit
Jesus spoke as though he knew
Zacchaeus would be there
Knew who Zacchaeus was
And yet acted like He cared

Zacchaeus hurried down
Meeting Jesus face to face
And the crowd were horrified
As Jesus walked Zac to his place
Did Jesus really not know
What kind of man Zac was?
How could such a godly man
Choose to eat with such a swindler?

But Jesus knew better
He knew what was in Zac’s heart
Knew that money had been
What Zac had though would buy him love
He knew that what Zac needed
Was God’s love and forgiveness
And the power to change
That comes from God’s loving Presence

So ignoring the crowd
Jesus went home with Zacchaeus
And the Presence of God in Jesus
His love and forgiveness
Healed Zac’s heart and mind
As Jesus journeyed with him
A miracle took place in Zac
As he was freed from sin

In the presence of Jesus
And many other people
Zacchaeus stood and repented
Of the fraud he had committed
He promised to repay fourfold
The people he had cheated
Give half his wealth to the poor
An astounding declaration 

This is what God’s Presence
His love and forgiveness
Does in a sinners heart
When they experience Him living in it
He makes us holy, just like Jesus
Giving, loving and forgiving
What we receive from God we share
Through His Powerful Holy Spirit

This is why Jesus came
To bring us all back to God
Jesus came to save this world
From our broken and sinful hearts
Without a transformation
God’s healing from within
The power to change to loving
By sin’s deception is hidden

With the light of Jesus Presence
Living in our hearts
Our ears open to His voice
Receiving His love and power
We can see where we go wrong
Choose love instead of sin
We are empowered to change
Till like Jesus we live.

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