Healing Actions

“Suddenly, a leper walked up to Jesus and threw himself down before him in worship and said, “Lord, you have the power to heal me . . . if you really want to.” Jesus reached out his hand and touched the leper and said, “Of course I want to heal you—be healed!” And instantly, all signs of leprosy disappeared!” Matthew 8:2-3 TPT

What made this leper believe
On the road that day
That Jesus could heal him
If it was His heart’s way?
Was it the power of His words
As He preached on the hill
Or were Jesus healing stories
Already circulating?

The leper does not explain
How he came to believe
That Jesus could heal him
Of this slowly fatal disease
But believe it he did
For in his actions it showed
In coming to ask Jesus
He’d publicly broken the law

Lepers you see
Were meant to isolate
From all healthy people
Live outside the town gate
If they needed to come
Where healthy people were
They had to call out their illness
So all could move away

Yet this leper came right up
To Jesus that day
Believing Jesus’ power
Could keep illness at bay
But he was not sure
If Jesus cared for him
For the presence of leprosy
Was thought a sign of sin

But then in His actions
Jesus showed His love
That comes to forgive all
And of illness cleanse us
For He reached out and touched
This man who was leprous
Making him whole
With loving assurance

The power of Jesus
To overcome illness
To forgive all sin
And bring us wholeness
Was clearly displayed
On the road that day
In response to this man’s
Action of faith

Can you imagine
Having confidence and power
To touch one contagious 
To bring healing and wholeness
To bring the light to people
In their darkest hour
To live Jesus hope and love
And overcoming power?

But I am not Jesus
I could hear you say
I don’t have His power
His authoritative ways
I am not sure
If it is His will
To heal us all
To heal through me

Take courage then
From this leper’s story
For though he doubted His acceptance
Yet he sought Jesus’ healing
“Of course!” Jesus said
“I want to heal you”
For love is Jesus’ nature
Through and through

So when we really know
Jesus living within us
Let His love fill our hearts
For those around us
The power to forgive
And heal comes too
In the Presence of Jesus
Living in me and you

We don’t need to judge
Who’s worthy of healing
Or who needs to be
Punished for their sin
Jesus paid for it all 
Through His death and resurrection 
With Him living in us
His Holy Spirit’s direction

We can, like Jesus
Touch the unclean
Bringing healing and wholeness 
To those in need
Not because we ourselves
Are strong and mighty
But because Jesus lives in us
Now and for eternity

It is tough to live Jesus
Here on this earth
To face illness ad prejudice 
With His love and words
It takes courage to touch
The unclean and outcast
But in the power of His love
We can healing impart

To live each day
Aware of Jesus in us
Full of His loving grace
Is the challenge before us
To view through His eyes
To know His Presence touch
So we can heal others
As we live His grace

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