Christ in Me

Jesus You are Lord.
Lord of all. Lord of all creation. Lord of heaven and earth. Lord of my life.
Jesus You are my Saviour
My Redeemer. My Healer. My Restorer. My Deliverer

Jesus You are King of kings.
Lord of Lords. Ruler of heaven and earth. Mighty One. Victorious One

Jesus, lover of my soul.
You are my shepherd. My friend. My brother. My partner.

Holy One. Righteous One. Pure One. Perfect One. Sinless One. Faithful Son.

Spirit filled One. Powerful One. Crucified One. Risen One. Joyful One
Peaceful One. Kind One. Gracious One. Relentlessly Loving One.

I welcome You
I adore You
I praise Your Holy Name

I praise and thank You Lord, that on my behalf You left all the love, power, joy, privileges and unending fellowship of heaven to rescue me and make me part of Your family. Your Presence in gifts me with this same spirit of humble love and submission. I embrace Your Presence in me now empowering me to serve You and others in the way You serve me. You are most welcome Lord Jesus!

Before the foundations of this earth were made Jesus, Your human birth was planned by Papa God and so was mine. God intended that both of us would live as His children in His tender loving care. This You fulfilled by coming to dwell in me. My brother, I embrace Your Presence in me!

Born of a woman you became human, a child like me. God’s hands lovingly formed You in Mary’s womb just as He intentionally and lovingly made me in my mother’s womb. He personally breathed life into You as He did for me. As I breathe now I again breathe Your life into me Jesus.

Fathered by God’s Holy Spirit, You brought the life and breath of heaven to earth for me too. God’s Personal Presence, with all His holiness, righteousness and purity, all His power to love, create, restore, deliver, heal and forgive was born in a human child, in You, so You could birth it in me too. I am truly born again as a Son of God in You.

Angel choirs, shepherds and wise men rejoiced and praised God for the gift of His Son and humanity’s Saviour when You were born. Likewise all heaven rang in celebration and joy when I was born again in You Jesus. I joyfully embrace Your gift of eternal life in me.

Even as you were just a baby Jesus, wise men and shepherds came to honour You and bring You gifts,; gold, frankincense and myrrh. Likewise as I was newborn in You, God honoured me beyond measure by giving me Your Holy Spirit as a gift to live in me. The power and resources, the very Spirit and fragrance of God himself was the gift to me at my birth in You.

As You grew up, You grew in strength and wisdom and the grace of God was upon You. You knew You were Papa God’s child; His house was Your home too. And as I grow up in You, You impart to me Your strength and Your Wisdom. The Grace of God which was upon You, rests upon me too. For You have made me Papa God’s child too and His house is now my home. In spirit we dwell in Your kingdom together now, and when my life here ends it will be my eternal home.

You came to Your baptism, spotless and without sin, the perfect Son of God, obedient to God’s call rather than the understanding of man. And with You, the righteousness of God, in me, I took the same road to declare You are my Saviour publicly. All my sins forgiven and forgotten I was clothed only in Your righteousness, decorated and celebrated because of Your obedience and goodness alive in me.

It was on Your shoulders the Spirit of God came, to empower You to withstand testing and have a fruitful ministry. And for the same purposes He comes and rests on me and I embrace His empowering Presence now, today! 

And just as He did for You Jesus, Papa God declares over me, “You …… are my beloved Son, my beloved Daughter, in whom I am well pleased.” Your Personal Presence in me, Your Holy Spirit seals the deal and testifies to God that I am His child.

When I too am going to be tried and tested by Satan, Your Holy Spirit Lord draws me aside from this world to prepare me with Your Word, prayer and fasting so I can stand faithful and true to God, faithful and true to His Word just as You did. And when my testing is over Your angels minister to me too for my recovery. 

In You is my strength renewed so I can run and not be weary and Your Presence in me lifts me like eagles wings to heights in God I never dreamed of.

When I go about life in this world, Your Presence in me Jesus means that the people I meet who are in darkness see a great light and a great light has dawned on those who are sitting in the land of shadow and death. I am the light of the world because the light of the world lives in me!

In Your Name and power I can say, change Your mind, repent and turn to God for the kingdom of God is near to you. All is forgiven and He wants you to come home and live with Him! I know because that is where I now live! And as You called others to follow You, I can say, follow me to Jesus, for I am following Jesus through His life in me. 

Just as You Lord, went throughout Your country teaching and proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom, and healing every kind of disease and every kind of sickness among the people, freeing them from demonic oppression, and raising the dead to life, so Your Presence in me empowers me to do the same; Your words on my tongue, Your Presence and authority in my touch and voice.

You walked on water, calmed storms, walked unharmed through crowds planning to stone You and fed thousands with one lowly lunch and this same authority of Your Presence lives in me. You move mountains through me!

In this life I have experienced harsh words, abandonments, betrayals, abuse and physical harms from life and people just as You did, but Your healing, deliverance, restoration, love and forgiveness is alive in me setting me free and enabling me to forgive, love, heal, restore, deliver, free and bless my enemies, family and friends. The power of Your love flowing in and through me is truly astounding!

As You were beaten for me Lord, and raised up on a cross for all to see, disease and illness were stripped from me. By Your one offering of Yourself, putting all that You are into me, You have perfected and sanctified me. By Your stripes I am healed.

When You died on the cross You took the old sinful me to death with You. That old me is dead and I can safely leave it buried, let it rot in the grave, because Your new eternal life lives in me now. Your heart and Spirit live in me now! You have conquered death in me!

In Your resurrection life You travelled supernaturally and walked through walls and so Your life in me frees me to minister to others in ways that go beyond normal human physical limitations. You are Lord of time and space!

Now Lord Jesus, right now, today, You are seated at the right hand of God in heavenly places, with all power and authority over this world and the next with all Your enemies under Your feet. And like a superhero flying, You have lifted me up and seated me there with You at the right hand of God, in all Your power and authority, for I am in You just as You are in me!

All of heaven’s blessings You pour out on me for heaven exists to bless and honour You and I live in You and You live in me!

Your righteousness and holiness become my way of thinking , speaking and living too because You live in me, imparting them to me!

The intimacy and face-to-face relationship You have with Father God, I now live in too because You live in me! 

Wisdom, Knowledge and understanding flow into me from Papa God, the Holy Spirit and You.

The love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, faith, goodness, patience and self-control that characterise the way You live now fill me because You and Your Holy Spirit live in me!

All of this world is being re-created in Christ, just as I have been re-created in You, and empowered by the Holy Spirit I am joining You in that work!

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