Ephesians 1:19-20 fourth meditation

I pray that you will continually experience the immeasurable greatness of God’s power made available to you through faith. Then your lives will be an advertisement of this immense power as it works through you! This is the mighty power that was released when God raised Christ from the dead and exalted him to the place of highest honor and supreme authority in the heavenly realm!” Ephesians 1:19-20

Your power is like a river Papa God
Flowing full and strong
It fills me to overflowing
With the glory of Your Son

It cleanses me from all sin
Washes it all right away
Filling me with Jesus righteousness
His glory filling my days

It releases me from my old self
From death and sin’s decay
Filling me with Jesus resurrection life
His glory to display

It washed away my old heart
That was stony, dead and cold
Giving me a new tender, living heart
That rejoices in Your law of love

It washed away my broken spirit
Torn and battered by sin
And filled me with a new living spirit
With life for eternity

The holiness which Jesus has
That makes Him just like You
Flows into me, transforming
Making me holy too

All my darkness, sorrow and fears
Are swept away in Your Presence
Your joy and hope and love and peace
Flow in and through me with Your essence

Whenever sickness haunts my days
I am cleansed in the power of Your embrace
Restored and reviewed to live again
Jesus glory to display

The river of your power
Comes through Your Spirit in me
For You joined Your Spirit to mine
So we could be one eternally

This river of Your power
Raises me to Your side
To reign at Your right hand with Jesus
As His eternal bride

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