Matthew 12:14-15 Meditation

Immediately the Pharisees went out and started to scheme about how they would do away with him. Jesus knew what they were thinking, so he left by another way. Massive crowds followed him from there, and he healed all who were sick. Matthew 12:14-15 TPT

The Old Testament Law
God’s Words written down
And turned into rules
That a man could perform
Was what the Pharisees trusted in
To make them right with God
So they turned away from Jesus
And planned to end His life

But the crowds followed Jesus
The One who had the power
To make their lives better
Healing sickness at that hour
Jesus had shown
He had God’s authority
God’s power to heal
And restore their dignity

All of those who sought His help
Not one did Jesus deny
They all received the healing
They so clearly desired
Where the Law could not help them
Jesus clearly could and did
So they put their faith in Jesus
The merciful Son of God

There are many today
Who deny Jesus’ healing power
Find rules and regulations
To say it is not for this day or hour
And turn themselves and others away
From Jesus’ resurrection power
Thinking to earn their way to heaven
By their righteous behaviour

But I seek to follow Jesus
To go where He leads
To hear His voice and follow
To live in His authority
To rely on His love and mercy
For my daily needs
And His resurrection life in me
His power and authority

Jesus life in me brings healing
And freedom from sin
As in His righteousness I walk
Learning to make it mine
And the path that He takes me on
Brings me to God’s right hand
A life of love and joy and forgiveness
Where heaven is my home

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