Ephesians 1:11 Second Meditation

I praise and thank You Papa God that through our union with Christ we too have been claimed by You as Your own inheritance. Before we were even born, You gave us our destiny; that we would fulfil Your plan, for You always accomplish every purpose and plan in Your heart. Ephesians 1:11 TPT

You are my plan
My purpose for this world
To establish my kingdom
Through many sons like you
One with Jesus
Through His Spirit
Bringing life and love and peace
To earth eternally

I want you to know
The depth of my love
To live in it’s flow
Be embraced by my heart
I want you to know
The joy that’s in my soul
When you live in your new life
With which Jesus made you whole

I want you to know
What it’s like to be pure
To be Holy just like Us
The joy of being in Our light
The heavens resound
With the music of our being
Our joy and our delight
Become your place of dwelling

I want you to know
My peace filling your heart
To know we are One
And from you I will not part
To know you can rest
For your place with me is sure
Jesus paid the price
He is your guarantor

I want you to know
What it’s like to live in heaven
Free of sin and sorrow
Free of sickness, free of envy
Bringing heaven to earth
Through the power of my Spirit
Just as Jesus did
My kingdom you inherit

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