Mathew 9:28 Meditation

“And they followed him right into the house where Jesus was staying. So Jesus asked them, “Do you believe that I have the power to restore sight to your eyes?” They replied, “Yes Lord, we believe!”” Matthew 9:28 TPT

It would appear
At least initially
Jesus didn’t hear their cry
For mercy and healing
As He walked by
For He did not respond immediately 

Perhaps He was tired
As it was getting late
Or maybe the noise of the crowd
Was far too loud
Or maybe Jesus was making sure
They knew what they were asking for

Whatever the reason for the delay
When Jesus got to the place where He would stay
He turned and spoke to the two blind men
Asked if they believed in His power to heal
To give sight to the blind
They said, ‘yes we believe’

There is a power in testimony
A power in what we do and say
It shows the direction we are going
Demonstrates where we put our faith
And these two blind men had determined
Jesus was their healing Lord

If it seems there is delay
And healing is not straight away
Pursuing Jesus builds our faith
Brings us to the healing place
Where we can say with certainty
In your power to heal Jesus, I believe

It is not that Jesus loves us less
Causing delay in His responses
For on the journey we may find
Hindrances have been left behind
And in the questions Jesus asks
Our faith in him is purified

Although these two men could not see
They were not blind to Jesus healing
They were not blind to Jesus love
They were not blind to Jesus Mercy
They were not blind to Jesus power
And they trusted in Jesus as their Lord and provider

Help me Jesus to be in their place
Never blinded to Your love, mercy and grace
Always trusting in Your power
To be my healer and my deliverer
Always seeking out Your Presence
For Your life eternal is my life‘s essence

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