Matthew 9:27 Meditation

“As Jesus left the house, two blind men began following him, shouting out over and over, “Son of David, show us mercy and heal us!”” Matthew 9:27 TPT

Two blind man could not see
Where Jesus was going
But maybe they could hear
Where Jesus was
Somehow they knew
Jesus was now present
So they kept shouting out
To catch his attention

Though the illness they suffered
Meant they could not see Jesus
Yet they did not let it stop them
From seeking Him out
They shouted out to Jesus
To catch His attention
And it did not matter
Who else was there to hear them

Pride had no place
In the journey they were taking
Pride could not heal them
So they were choosing faith
They were asking Jesus
To demonstrate His mercy
And heal them of their blindness
Right there in that place

It was a journey of courage
And maybe desperation
For nothing else had worked
In their situation
They had probably tried doctors
And healing concoctions
But Jesus healing reputation
Had cause them to seek Him

They did not act
As though they deserved help
But instead begged for mercy
Put their trust in Jesus heart
Maybe they knew
How Jesus was forgiving
For they trusted in His mercy
To grant them their healing

In calling Jesus son of David
They were calling Him Messiah
The one who would save their nation
And be their own Saviour
To call on such a one
For mercy and healing
Was to trust in God‘s promises
Of His suffering servant

Their words were a witness
To all that were near
That they believed in Jesus mercy
Believed in His healing
Believed He was Messiah
One sent by God
To bring healing and salvation
As God had promised He would

If illness ever makes me blind
To where, Lord, You are
Help me to call out in faith
For Your mercy in that hour
Help me to be a witness
Of Your saving power
Hear Your voice, know Your touch
And feel Your healing power

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