Ephesians 1:7 Second Meditation

I praise and thank You Papa God that since I am now joined to Christ, I have been given the treasures of redemption by His blood—the total cancellation of my sins—all because of the cascading riches of His grace. (Eph. 1:7 TPT)

Pure as fresh snow
Spotless and perfect
Is the Lamb of God
Jesus Christ, the sinless One
The power of His perfection
Overcoming, purifying
His death and resurrection
Uniting us; one pure One

Now there is now nothing in me
To keep me from God’s side
For the purity of Jesus
Is now also mine
My welcome in His love
Is assured, certified
Sealed by Jesus’ Holy Spirit
As His One Pure Bride

All the mistakes I make
Are swept away in His blood
For all their consequences
He has paid the price
He turns all curses into blessings
Makes all sin powerless
He unites us with Him
Make us One in paradise

Now heaven is my home
And I am seated with Christ
By my heavenly Father’s side
In His Kingdom paradise
To know His Love and His blessing
Filling my life
We are One now and forever
Now I am joined to Christ


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