Matthew 9:22 Meditation

“Just then Jesus turned around and looked at her and said, “My daughter, be encouraged. Your faith has healed you.” And instantly she was healed!” Matthew 9:22 TPT

Jesus knew that this ill woman
Needed encouragement
To confirm that she was well
And no longer unclean
Though normally a Jewish rabbi
Would not speak to a strange woman
Jesus turned and look straight at her
Confirmed her faith had given healing

Instantly she received
Jesus healing power
Her body was made well
At that moment in the crowd
Perhaps no one else there knew
How she had been unclean
But Jesus loving words
Made her healed and whole again

The power of Jesus
To overcome all evils
Was seeing through her faith’s actions
Despite this woman’s ills
In reaching out to touch Him
As His words confirmed
She had been cleansed, made whole
Healed to live again

There is no chronic illness
That faith in Jesus cannot change
For His healing power
Is still here today
In His Presence and prayer
We can touch our loving Savior
Find healing and wholeness
A new life of restoration

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