Matthew 9:20-21 Meditation

“Suddenly, a woman came from behind Jesus and touched the tassel of his prayer shawl for healing. She had been suffering from continual bleeding for twelve years, but had faith that Jesus could heal her. For she kept saying to herself, “If I could only touch his prayer shawl I would be healed.”” Matthew 9:20-21 TPT

For 12 years this woman suffered
And continue to bleed
And her illness must have given her
Much suffering indeed
For not only was she sick
But she could not attend God‘s temple
No one was meant to touch her
For God‘s law declared her unclean

So for her to simply be
In this crowd of people
Seeking for Jesus
So she could touch his prayer shawl
Was to go against the law
To go against her culture
And to take a great risk
That someone would recognize her

Yet on that day
Faith was seen in her courage
Seen in her desperation
To simply touch Jesus
She did not call out
Or demand his attention
But reached for what helped him
In prayer and supplication

She could see that Jesus power
Truly came from God
So believed his prayer shawl
Was in that power soaked
Just to touch one tassel
Was what she reached out to do
Her faith in Jesus was certain
In his power to heal

Lord no matter how long
A person has been ill
Your power to heal them
Is never at issue
Give me faith to persevere
Despite crowds and our traditions
Enable me to be Your prayerful touch
For healing and deliverance

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