9. Papa God’s Song

As the waves of ocean

Roll in relentlessly

Carving the land

Shaping it for all to see

So My love embraces you

Relentlessly each day

To wash away sin’s damage

And bring in My Kingdom’s way


As a potter moulds his clay

To make it go a certain way

To make the shape he imagines

A thing of beauty to create

So My hand is on you

And Your life is in My sway

For You are My creation

And Your beauty My heart’s joy


Just as a good parent

With joy receives a child

In love a home provides

And all they need to grow

So I’ve rejoiced over you

Since before you were born

Planned for your re-birth

So My Kingdom is your home


Just as the sun is bright

And each day shines

To light your way

Through this world’s paths

So My love for you

Lights the way to My heart

So you can be with Me

Be My Kingdom child



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