7. Peace




Partake of My peace, My rest, My Love

Let Me become One with Your essence

Your fears, hurts and hatreds

Died with Me on the cross

Forgiveness and healing are Your new life’s lot

And a permanent place, with Me here by God



Fill me with Your Peace, Your rest, My Lord

I so love that I’m one with Your essence

My fears, hurts and hatreds I gladly leave in Your grave

Your forgiveness, and healing I receive today

As I seek to live from Your Kingdom’s sway



Rest in the home I have given to you

Where love and acceptance wrap around you

Feel your place in My arms

Know Our place at God’s side

My Kingdom is yours My eternal bride

You live forever, now, at My side



I receive and rest in my new heavenly home

And Your embracing love and acceptance My Lord

Deeply honoured to be at Yours and God’s side

Receiving Your Kingdom as Your eternal Bride



Rest in the flow of My Spirit in you

Let Him heal and wash and make you anew

The past is all paid for,

And future sins too

My peace is eternal and I live in you

My peace is complete, every day new



I rest in the flow of Your Spirit in me

Receive cleansing and healing so I am renewed

Knowing all is covered by Your sacrifice

Your presence in me giving me complete peace



My peace is a well, living in you

To share with this world till all is renewed

Let forgiveness and healing

Like a river flow through

So this world knows My peace

Because I live in you



I receive Your peace in it’s fullness and flow

Let it fill my life and overflow

So all may see and all may know

That Your Presence is peace eternally

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