27. Life

07/09/2018 Amanda Wilson


Beauty is fading

It ends with every line

Every sagging part

Through the ravages of time


But Your love Lord Jesus

Wraps me in beauty never gone

For You love me completely, powerfully

Till the end of time


Knowledge is fleeting

Updated each new day

Truth is elusive

Hard to grasp before it fades


But Your words Lord Jesus

Fill me with wisdom never gainsaid

For You speak powerfully, truthfully

And Your words forever remain


Wealth is deceiving

Taking many astray

Their castles to build

That waves of time wash away


But Your wealth Lord Jesus

Gives me inheritance unfading

For Your deeds last for eternity

And Your Glory is unending


Earthly love in all it’s glory

May be with us all our days

But it cannot resurrect us

Cannot save us from the grave


But Your Love Lord Jesus

You give forever freely

Your love raised me from death

To live with You eternally

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