2 thoughts on “Comments and Questions

  1. Hi Amanda,
    Overall I think your explainations
    and devotional are good. I have so many things to absorb at the moment I cannot utilise all you have offered.
    I find that one a week would be sufficient for me to work on so that I could gain optimum potential of what God is saying through your presentation of the scriptures and insights.
    And I am not sure why ‘the comment’ on the fourth
    or fifth entry on the Amazing Exchange came up with a reply that my comment sounded like my previous comment from the first transcript and wouldn’t accept it…I thought that a bit strange.
    Yet I loved when I was aware of ‘light’ and expressed how I would like to sing of it and opened your blog to that song you wrote: God surprises!
    I would like to do more of a review in a few month’s time as this ‘awareness’ is not always instant. Maybe you could suggest that people keep a special diary to jot observation down to review the process overtime.

    Thanks Amanda – Love Frances


    1. Thanks Frances
      Did you realize receiving daily/weekly/monthly/new notifications is something that the people following my sites have the power to set themselves via their Notification Settings?


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