“For by that one offering [Jesus] he [God] forever made perfect those who are being made holy.”” Hebrews 10:14 NLT

We know that if we go into a dark room and turn on a bright light, the room is no longer dark. The presence of the light transforms that room to a more welcoming and useful environment for as long as that light is on.

We know that if we want to live healthy lives we need to regularly eat healthy food and exercise.

We know that basic hygiene facilities such as toilets and easy access to fresh clean water can transform the health of a community in a very positive way from the day they are available.

Many resources have both immediate and on going benefit.

I can get in a car, but unless someone turns the engine on and drives it, I will not go anywhere. The car will not function as it is designed to unless a driver drives it.

I can go to the doctor when I am sick and get some medicine. But unless I take that medicine as directed by the doctor it is not going to make me well. Leaving it on the shelf will not help me.

I could go through a wedding ceremony and marry someone, but unless I chose to live with them as my partner I will never experience the joys that marriage can bring. A ceremony and a legal certificate by themselves are not a marriage.

Many situations in life require us daily to chose to act and be involved to get the full benefits.

The sacrifice of Jesus is the same. It has both immediate and ongoing impacts on our lives and we need to actively receive it and live in its benefits if we want to experience being children of God. Jesus sacrifice has made us perfect because our old imperfect life died with Him and now His perfect life lives in us. It is such a powerful thing that as we receive it and learn how to live in it, it makes us holy. It is a one off gift of perfection that transforms us to be holy. As we sit in this gift, receiving it, Jesus changes us so we belong in the culture of heaven.

So how can we receive perfection from God?

“Jesus perfection lives in me, making me holy daily”

Resting in God to make it real to you, use that statement

1. for a time of meditation

2. as the basis of a daily thanksgiving prayer.

3. As an affirmation as you look at yourself in a mirror.

4. As inspiration for an artwork or writing picturing you as perfect

5. As inspiration for a song or chant

6. However else you can think of to remind you

“Jesus perfection lives in me, making me holy daily”

“Jesus perfection lives in me, making me holy daily”

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