Wrapped Into Christ

“Every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realm has already been lavished upon us as a love gift from our wonderful heavenly Father, the Father of our Lord Jesus—all because he sees us wrapped into Christ. This is why we celebrate him with all our hearts!” Ephesians 1:3 TPT

I have always been unconfident in my ability to balance and scared of heights. Not terrified, but scared enough that when I went downhill skiing, I was always too tense to ski properly and enjoy it. But once I went on a ski trip with a true encourager, Maree. I was about to head to the very beginners slope when Maree grabbed me to go on a harder slope. I was nervous but she was very confident, even in me! So confident that her confidence rubbed off on me. Her constant encouragement enabled me to relax and enjoy skiing. I could do much better than I thought I could. Her positive point of view overcame my fears and enabled me to ski and enjoy it. Over 30 years later I still remember that day as one of joy and fun. It was a real revelation on how my thinking and beliefs can affect me.

So much in this world dwells on our failures and shortcomings but God has a totally different perspective. God’s perspective on us is that we are wrapped into Christ. Wrapped into God’s perfect, glorious and beloved Son.

There is no higher place He could put us. No greater honour that He could give us. No greater glory He could give us.

In the Gospel accounts of Jesus life we can see how simply Jesus’ Presence overcomes sin, shame, sickness, demonic oppression, a lack of provisions and even death.

Jesus is the light who overcomes all darkness, the love who overcomes all fear, and the eternal life that overcomes death.

We may look at ourselves and see all our faults and sins, but God looks at us and all He can see is His perfect, holy and beloved Son Jesus, because Jesus powerful Presence overcomes all else.

Placed into Jesus we cannot fail to be whole and holy because that is what Jesus makes us!

Placed into Jesus we cannot fail to be loved by God because we are part of His Beloved!

Placed into Jesus we cannot fail to be empowered by Jesus eternal life because it lives in us!

So how can we allow God to change our perspective to His?

“Wrapped into Jesus, cocooned in His Presence”

Resting in God to make it real to you, use that statement

1. for a time of meditation

2. as the basis of a daily thanksgiving prayer.

3. As an affirmation as you wrap yourself in clothes or bedding.

4. As inspiration for an artwork or writing.

5. As inspiration for a song or chant

6. However else you can think of to remind you

“Wrapped into Jesus, cocooned in His Presence”

“Wrapped into Jesus, cocooned in His Presence”

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