I Rejoice

I Rejoice
"Be cheerful with joyous celebration in every season of life. Let joy overflow, for you are united with the Anointed One!" Philipians 4:4 TPT

I rejoice in the day You first showed me You loved me
Not because I had earned it but because of who You are
You called me to live in Your love forever
You gave me a new and loving heart

I rejoice every time You show me Your forgiveness
Show me I am cleansed from sin forever
Show me that I can be pure and holy
Leaving each day in Your righteousness

I rejoice in knowing that in You I’ve been reborn
With a heart and spirit now made in Your image
Reborn as a child of the Most High God
The old me is dead and buried in Your grave

I rejoice in knowing that I’m joined to Your Spirit
Bound in unity with Father, Spirit and Son
I dwell in You and Your fullness dwells within me
One with You now and for eternity

I rejoice in living from Your Spirit’s empowerment
Your love, joy and forgiveness flowing through me to others
Your understanding renewing my thinking
In Your wisdom is the answers that I am seeking

I rejoice in resting in Your Loving Embrace
As I feel Your Presence fill me with God’s essence
All darkness is consumed in the light of Your love
Your purity and holiness filling me to overflowing

I rejoice in Your mighty Resurrection Power
That raised me from death to Your Heavenly Throne
Made me a co-heir of the mighty Son of God
Your Kingdom authority with me You share

I rejoice that I am given the great privilege
Of bringing Your Kingdom to earth to save others
Healing, deliverance, resurrections and provision
You are the answer to all our problems

I rejoice that I am with You each day in heaven
By God’s side dwelling in blessing
The joy and love, light and music of heaven
Your dwelling place is my home now and forever

I rejoice in the joy of the Trinity for each other
I rejoice in the joy of the Trinity for me!
Dancing and rejoicing in being with each other
Living in Love’s embrace for eternity!

One thought on “I Rejoice

  1. I’ve just read this…just love the synchronicity of the revelations coming.❤️🦋💕❤️🦋

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