The days just disappear
Yet there is little I can do
My brain is in a fog
Fatigue haunts me too
Too often I can’t sleep
And I cry silently
And silence seems my answer
As Your voice I can’t hear

Lord I need to hear
Your precious voice again
For it brings great joy
And eases all pain
When You speak
My heart sings
And all of my problems
Become little things

I long to see
Your face again
In the glory of Your Presence
All else is drowned
The love, peace and joy
That emanate from You
Overcome all darkness
And make me joyful too

Please break through Lord
With Your manifest Presence
Nothing short of You
Will help me get through
Like Job I seek
Your justice and mercy
The justice that Jesus
Has already paid for

When Jesus was arrested
It should’ve been me
He was perfectly sinless
And I fully guilty
Yet though I was wrong
He took my place
Dragged off to court
Without a complaint

When Jesus was tried
It should’ve been me
He had done nothing wrong
Of sin He was free
But He stayed silent
Knowing the cost
That my sin required
My gain through His loss

When Jesus was whipped
And crowned with thorns
It should’ve been me
Who was mocked and scorned
For I was the one
Who called, “Crucify Him!”
I’d rejected God
My own self to favour

When Jesus was nailed
To the cross at Golgotha
It should’ve been me
For the sins I’ve committed
My punishment
That I truly deserved
Fell on Jesus instead
As my lamb and scapegoat

When Jesus died
On the cross that day
It should’ve been me
On whom death had his sway
My rejection of God
In favor of self
Was a capital crime
Only death could assuage

But when Jesus rose
Conquering death
Through the Holy Spirit’s
Powerful eternal life
He offered to live
His life in mine
Giving me all He’d achieved
His fullness divine

I knelt at the feet
Of my Saviour and Lord
I had nothing to give
For this sacrifice of love
But a broken heart
And sin damaged life
Yet He accepted me
Made me His eternal bride

So knowing my prayers
Don’t depend on my service
For Jesus has done all
To give me Your favour
I ask God to see
Your face daily
So I am renewed
By Your Joy, love and pleasure

I know You have promised us
So much more than this
Healing, restoration
Living Your manifest Presence
I want to be
Your Presence here on earth
Living in the fullness
Of Your Holy Spirit

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