Gospel in brief

God made this world perfect and made us to live in it, governing and maintain it .

We decided we could do it without him.

The reason this world is not perfect is that we chose to rule it for ourselves, without God and we have made a mess if it.

Religious rules and laws do not change us, they only serve to point out where we have gone wrong.

We do not have the power to change to doing things God with God’s way without His help.

So God sent Jesus to:

1. show us how He can empower us to live His way and restore our world.

2. Pay for our rebellion

3. Restore us to being children of God just like Jesus

When we make Jesus Lord of our lives, He comes to live in us, be one with us, giving us His perfect relationship with God and filling us with His Spirit, His power and wisdom to restore this world. We are translated into God’s kingdom where we gain a new heart and new Spirit, joined to God’s Holy Spirit. Living life with God brings freedom from old habits and wrong thinking to live God’s way.

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