Jesus In You

“Living within you is the Christ who floods you with the expectation of glory! This mystery of Christ, embedded within us, becomes a heavenly treasure chest of hope filled with the riches of glory for his people, and God wants everyone to know it!” Colossians 1:27 TPT

A meditation to help you be aware of Christ in you:

The following is the script for this meditation but I encourage you to practise this, listening to this audio file,  following the instructions from there:

Set comfortably somewhere with an upright and relaxed pose. 

Now close your eyes. Let your mind and body begin to settle into the practice of welcoming Jesus in you and noticing what your body feels like.

Focus your attention on your feet, recognising in your mind and seeing in your imagination, that Jesus’ feet are in your feet. 

Notice all the parts of your feet that are touching the floor. Jesus’ feet are also touching the floor with your feet. 

Notice your toes because that’s where Jesus’ toes are too.

Notice the middle of your foot because the middle of Jesus’ foot is there too. 

Notice your heel for Jesus heel is there too. 

Notice your ankle. Jesus’ ankle is with your ankle. 

Notice the whole bottom of your foot because that is where the bottom of Jesus’ feet are too. 

Notice your whole foot, inside and out, because Jesus’ feet are there too, inside and out.

Let your and Jesus’ feet sink into the floor, noticing the support of the earth and feeling it ground both of you.

Begin to notice your body sinking into Jesus’ body as you touch what you are sitting on. 

The back of your thighs into the back of Jesus’ thighs against your seat. 

Your back into Jesus’ back against the back of the chair. 

Your arms melding into Jesus’ arms relaxing into the chair. 

Your hands in Jesus’ hands relaxing on the arms of the chair. 

Let your body, hands and feet sink into the body of Jesus, supported by the chair and the floor.

Begin to notice your breath as you and Jesus breathe together. 

Just breathe easily for a few breaths, noticing where your breath goes as you and Jesus breathe in and out together. 

Notice the pause between your in-breath and out-breath as Jesus breathes and pauses with you. If your mind wanders – as it probably will, because that is what minds do – just notice where it goes for an instant and then slowly, gently, direct your attention back to breathing with Jesus. 

Notice your breath in your nose and Jesus’ nose going in and out. 

Notice whether the air you and Jesus are breathing in is hot or cold. 

Notice whether your and Jesus’ breathing is light or heavy and slow or fast. 

Notice your breath in your and Jesus’ chest as they rise and fall together with each breath, like a wave, moving up as you breathe in and down as you breathe out. 

Notice how your and Jesus’ chest expands and contracts with your breath. 

Watch the rhythmic wave in your and Jesus’ chest as you and Jesus breathe in and out. 

Continue watching yours and Jesus chests breathe together for a few minutes.

Now direct your attention downward to your belly. 

Put your hand on your belly to help you connect with a spot just below your belly button because Jesus is there too. 

This spot is at the very core and centre of your body and Jesus presence is there too. The centre of his body is in the centre of your body. 

Notice how your and Jesus’ belly moves out when you breathe in and how they move in when you breathe out. There’s no need to force or change your breath in anyway. And if your mind wanders, bring it back to your and Jesus’ belly kindly and gently. 

As you notice your and Jesus’ breath in your belly, notice whether your breaths change or stay the same. 

Notice the rhythm of breath in yours and Jesus’ belly. 

Notice how you and Jesus breathe together as one.

Begin to expand your attention outwards towards your whole body resting in Jesus’ body. 

Begin to notice your whole body and Jesus’ body working together as a single unit- breathing in and breathing out together in a slow, steady rhythm. 

Notice the waves of breath as they move in and out of your and Jesus’ body – feel your and Jesus’ nose, the back of your and Jesus’ throat, your chest and Jesus’ chest, your and Jesus’ rib cage, your and Jesus’ belly, and your whole body with Jesus’ whole body filling with fresh cleansing air. 

Notice how your breath travels through your and Jesus’ body refreshing and renewing every area it touches. 

Notice the rhythm of your and Jesus whole body breathing as one: first the in-breath, then the pause between the breaths, and finally the out-breath. You and Jesus breathing in and breathing out, as one, together. 

Slowly bring your attention back to the chair, your hands and feet. Slowly open your eyes and begin to notice the room around you. Take your time, and notice how your body feels now that you are aware of Jesus in you.

Feel free to make your own version of this to suit you.

3 thoughts on “Jesus In You

  1. Thanks Amanda. I have been aware of this for some time, yet it is great to have a step by step guide. ❤️🧡💜Frances

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    1. The idea is that it enables you to practice being and living in that reality. We can all be aware of truth yet not living in it so I am looking for ways to bridge that gap. As you told me it takes 60 days of practicing something for it to become part of who you are. This is one way of doing that.💜


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