I praise and thank You Papa God Your words and actions say I am as valuable as Jesus is to You.

Thank You Papa God that You love me enough to

  • actively choose and plan my birth and life.
  • plan to send Jesus to die for me before I was even born.
  • save me from sin to live eternally with You.
  • want to have me with Jesus, by Your side eternally
  • make me One with You
  • to fill me with Your fullness
  • lavish all of heaven’s blessings on me

Thanks You Jesus that You love me enough to

  • leave all the privileges and blessings of heaven and be born as a human
  • Take my guilty verdict
  • Take my whipping
  • Take my spiritual death
  • Raise me to life in unity with You
  • Share Your Presence with me, making Your home in me
  • Share Your Spirit with me, in me
  • Share Your authority with me
  • Share Your righteousness and holiness with me
  • fill me with Your faith, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.
  • Share Your relationship with God with me
  • Share Your throne in heaven with me
  • Share all Your inheritance with me
  • Share all the blessings of heaven with me.
  • Want to spend all eternity with me
  • To appear to me
  • To talk to me
  • To guide and correct me
  • To give me all that You are and have.

Thank You Holy Spirit that You love me enough to

  • live in me joined to my spirit
  • seal me into God’s family
  • speak to me of God and His secrets
  • reveal my sin to me
  • explain/reveal Scripture to me
  • reveal the work Jesus has done in me to me
  • Reveal Jesus and God to me
  • Guide me
  • Give me words and dreams of encouragement and wisdom for myself and others
  • Share Your power with me
  • Raise me from death to eternal life
  • Fill me with eternal life
  • Do miracles through me
  • Preach through me
  • Save through me
  • Make me One with the Trinity 

Papa God bring me into agreement with the value that You place on me.

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