Ephesians 1:2 third meditation

Meditation on Eph. 1:2 TPT

I praise and thank You Papa God that You have called me to be a devoted believer who has been made holy by being one with Jesus, the Anointed One. Heavenly Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, I praise and thank You that You release grace over me and impart total well-being into my life.

All that’s in me that’s not holy
Is swept away by the blood of Christ
Into the grave, dead and buried
So now I live in His holy life

The way Jesus loves God with all that He is
Delighting to walk in God‘s ways
Is now my life’s joy and direction
Rejoicing that He is with me always

As God son, Jesus humble dignity
Free of need for human praise
His certainty that He is loved by God
In this I will live for the rest of my days

As Jesus openly loved the unlovely
Pouring into their lives God‘s loving grace
So His holiness, His likeness to God
Empowers me to live the same way

As Jesus used His power to serve
To bring healing, life and freedom
So the power that His Presence gives me
I use to serving others, glorifying Him

As Jesus wisdom and understanding
Kept him free from the lies of this world
Free to demonstrate God’s love in action
This thinking like God is now my abode

All of the ways that Jesus is God
All the holiness He brings to me
Is transforming the ways I think, speak and act
So my holiness gives Him glory

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