I Will Fill You

“Looking intently at his followers, Jesus began his sermon. “How enriched you become when you are poor, for you will experience the reality of God’s kingdom realm. “How filled you become when you are consumed with hunger and desire, for you will be completely satisfied. “How content you become when you weep with complete brokenness, for you will laugh with unrestrained joy. “How favored you become when you are hated, excommunicated, or slandered, or when your name is spoken of as evil because of your love for me, the Son of Man. “I promise you that as you experience these things, you will celebrate and dance with overflowing joy. And the heavenly reward of your faith will be abundant, because you are being treated the same way as your forefathers the prophets.” Luke 6:20-23 TPT

When you can see you’re poverty
Really know that all you need is Me
There you will find My Kingdom’s provision
And receive all the glory of heaven

When your hunger and desire
Is not fulfilled with this world’s power
But leads you to call out to Me
I will fill you, be all you need

When you weep in brokenness
I will not leave you in distress
Your life’s broken pieces I will restore
To a laughter filled vessel overflowing with joy

When you are hated, slandered or rejected
Because your love for Me has been detected
I will bring you to My celebration
Where you can dance with joy, have rewards abundant

All of this life’s trials and needs
Are there to help you find life in Me
To know Our joy filled union eternally
And live in My Kingdom’s fullness and Glory

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