Matthew 9:25 Meditation

“After he made the crowd go outside, he went into the girl’s room and gently took hold of her hand. She immediately stood to her feet!” Matthew 9:25 TPT

The doubters and the scoffers
The unbelieving crowd
Jesus got to leave the house
So everything was quiet
He knew that human doubt
And unbelieving words
Could hinder her healing
Could undermine his power

But with unbelief cast out
Jesus kingdom could reign
His presence and power
There to bring life and healing
He touched the girl’s hand
And life returned to her body
In health she did stand
Astounding everybody

No doubt there was rejoicing
Joy could not be left out
When this child thought dead
Was returned to life
Faith had its true reward
At Jesus hand
And all present could see
God‘s loving presence in this man

In that one moment
The house of faith was truly blessed
With their daughter now living
Returned from the dead
Because of their faith
They got to see
Jesus do a mighty miracle
In giving life again

There are times in our life
When faith seems to make no sense
It contradicts all we can see
And may even cause offence
But faith is the open door
That welcomes Jesus Presence
And is blessed by his kingdom’s reign
Filled with his life-giving essence

Jesus when my circumstances
Tempt me to doubt Your word
To doubt Your kingdom power
To give life and health and wholeness
Help me to rest in Your faith
Living in me through Your Presence
For now Your kingdom is my home
And faith in You my residence

One thought on “Matthew 9:25 Meditation

  1. Lord let us see Your Deliverance from doubt in Your Word because of the victory of the cross and the power of Redemption of Your Holy Spirit.


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