Matthew 9:7 meditation

“Immediately the man sprang to his feet and left for home.” Matthew 9:7 TPT

As the power of Jesus words
Of forgiveness and healing
Fell on the lame man
He sprang to his feet, standing
He then left for home, walking
No doubt to share the good news
That Jesus had healed him
And all was forgiven

Surely there would have been
Much joy that day
As his family saw him walk
Saw that Jesus had healed him
And I wonder if his neighbours
Joined in the celebration
For surely his faithful friends
Deserved a great thanking

The religious scholars
Who thought they knew God better
Had their judgment of Jesus
Brought into serious question
How could a man lame
Clearly bound in sin and shame
Be suddenly walking
Unless truly forgiven?

This is the power of the words
That Jesus speaks
They show his authority
Over sin and all creation
They demonstrate the power
That brought this world into being
That created life for us
Created human beings

Though Jesus had left Heaven
To be born as one of us
Yet he was born of God’s Spirit
As God’s true Son
His identity confirmed
By God voice at his baptism
He’s authority and power
Confirmed in the Holy Spirit‘s Presence

It was daily acts of power
Forgiveness, healing and deliverance
That demonstrated God’s kingdom
Was here in Jesus’ Presence
He demonstrated that God’s Spirit
Could give birth to a human
With God‘s authority and power
This world to redeem

Now we are God’s Sons
Born of flesh and Spirit
When we take Jesus as our Lord
And His eternal life inherit
Our words are His words
And we give witness to His glory
When we forgive, heal and deliver
In His authority

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