Matthew 8:32 Meditation

“Jesus commanded, “Then go!” And at once the demons came out of the men and went into the pigs. Then the entire herd of crazed pigs stampeded down the steep slope and fell into the water and drowned.” Matthew 8:32 TPT

Just one simple command
And ALL the demons moved on
They left the men completely
And to the pigs latched on
They could not disobey You Jesus
Could not stand in Your way
Against Your power and authority
They had no say

You chose that time and place
To demonstrate Your kingdom’s power
Show that evil must submit
To You word’s authority
There were no crowds to see it
Just Your disciples standing by
Though the whole village was impacted
When the pigs went mad and died.

You could have used Your power
To confront kings and rulers
To take on the Roman army
Free Israel from occupation
But instead You chose
To aid two powerless men
To bring freedom to two nobodies
That lived in a graveyard

It is the hallmark of Your Kingdom
That Your power was for all
To free us all from sin’s oppression
No matter where we’re from
With Your love and power
You served the homeless and oppressed
The blind and disabled
The abandoned and rejected

When I am confronted
By fear and the demonic
Attempting to take over
To take control of me
I will rest in Your Presence Lord
Rest in the power
Of Your Kingdom in me
For You are my strong tower

When I am confronted
By the works of the enemy
See people bound in evil
Living lives of torment
Empower me to love them
Like You loved these two men
And use Your Kingdom power
To bring them release and peace

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