Ephesians 1:2 First Mediatation

I praise and thank You Papa God that You have called me to be a devoted believer who has been made holy by being one with Jesus, the Anointed One. Heavenly Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, I ask that You release grace over me and impart total well-being into my life today.



Come my child

Be one with my Son

Let your old self die

With Him on the cross

To release you from sin

And all of it’s costs


Rise to new life in Him

Eternally Mine

With a new heart and spirit

Full of Our Love Divine

Holy and pure

My Son’s joy and prize



I saw myself

Become one with Christ

With the Holy One

Jesus the anointed one

As He took the pain

Of whipping and jibes

And bent His head

To the crown of thorns


He staggered to carry

Both me and the wood

And it was my sin

That nailed Him to the cross

My separation from God

Broke His heart that day

Took away our life

Took our last breath away


Yet in death’s darkness

The Holy One Shone!

Death could not extinguish

Life in God’s Holy Sons

We rose again

Broke the grip of death’s chains

Fled the grave in the earth

To live by God’s side


Now I am filled

With Jesus holiness

Renewed in His

Continual embrace

Made pure in the fire

Of His holy Love

One with His Spirit

By His Presence filled up.



Be filled with Our

Empowering Grace

Till your life overflows

With Heavens blessings and praise

Bring Glory to

My Beloved Son Jesus

As Our total wellbeing

In your life overflows



In faith Lord I receive

Your Empowering Grace

Till my life overflows

With heaven’s blessings and praise

So I bring Glory to

Jesus the Beloved One

I receive Your total wellbeing

Your Presence overflowing

It’s my hearts desire

To know Your Word is true

And that each day Your mercies

Are renewed

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