11. Now We Are One




Your new heart and My heart

They beat as one

Now I live in You

And we’ve become One

One with My love, peace and joy

One with My thoughts and will

Filled with My Holiness

And My faith to do God’s will


Your new spirit and My Spirit

They dance together as one

Now I live in you

And we’ve become One

Filled with His Presence

Filled with His power

Filled with His resurrection life

Sealed into My Spirit you are my bride!


My temple is in you

As I make your heart my home

I rule in and through you

Now we are one

Your words have the power

Of My authority and throne

For we loose and bind together

As co-rulers, Sons of God


My Kingdom is yours too

Now we are One

All it’s blessings and powers

Are yours to claim and use

To show others My kingdom

To show others My love

To heal and save this world

To bring My children home

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