10. One with Me

(Meditation on Romans 6:3-6, 8-11)


Come live in your new life with Me

In a heavenly unity

Leave behind the past

All it’s sorrows and trials

Leave behind all unholy desires

They all died with Me on the cross

And embrace your new and holy life

One with Me for eternity!



So I left all my old life in Jesus grave

And received Jesus new life, renewed each day

To be One with You Lord in holy unity

Is my heart’s desire for eternity!



Come dance with Me across the stars

Let Your Spirit soar now it is One with Ours

Let me dress you in the purest light

Live in My Joy my beautiful bride!

There is nothing you could do or say

To earn My love or break it’s sway

I gave it freely on the cross

The joy of loving you was worth the cost!



So I set my spirit free to soar

As One with Jesus through heaven’s door

Arrayed in His pure light

Living in His joy, day and night



Come dance with Me in heaven’s gardens

Breath in the perfume of the flowers

Drink the water flowing there

Feel the breeze caress your hair

This is your home now you are mine

This is your place to rest and abide

Your heart’s My kingdom and My throne

All that’s mine is yours now we are One!



So I danced with Jesus through heaven’s flowers

Breathed the perfume, drank of living waters

Rested in my heavenly home

Rejoiced that my heart was Jesus’ throne



Come breath with Me in unity

Breathing in My resurrection life

Your body, heart, mind and spirit renewed

Filled with My Spirit’s Presence and might

Let My Glory be Yours

A garment of light

My righteousness in you

This world’s shining light!



So I breathed in Jesus resurrection life

Filled with the Holy Spirit’s Presence and might

Renewed in His Glory, wrapped in light

Reborn and filled with Jesus righteousness



Come sing with Me of your soul’s delight

Let Our love song fill the sky with light

With music of heaven’s delight

As heaven’s choirs join our song’s flight

The earth’s substance, rocks and stones

Our love song will re-sound

And the trees of the forests will applaud

As they dance and sway in Our delight



So I sang to Jesus, my souls delight

His song entwined mine, brought the heaven’s alive

The music filled the sky with light

And the earth rejoiced in our delight



Come My Love live as One with me

Our souls together in heavenly harmony

All creation waits for this holy day

Groans and cries out for heaven’s way

To be restored in your heart

And lived each day

My Glory shining forever bright

As this earth is remade in love



Oh yes Lord Jesus let me be

One with You today in heavenly harmony

Your Glory shining bright though me

Your love my power for eternity!

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