Hearing From God

One of the things I have found really useful in my journey of seeking to hear/see from God better has been to make a regular time to listen to God without an agenda on my part so there is no pressure to get answers to anything in particular. So I –

Daily spend time (alone is easier) with God and pen and paper. I start by asking, “What do You want to say/show me today?”

Then, the REALLY important thing is to trust that whatever you see, feel, taste or hear or whatever words or pictures come into your mind, is God speaking to you. Usually the answer begins before or just as you have the question finished and before have time to think about it. Write it ALL down as fully as you can for as long as it lasts WITHOUT judging it.

Ask God all the questions you can think of about what you see/hear particularly “what does it mean?” And “what should I do?”

ONLY when you have finished ALL that should you look at what you have written and check that it aligns with Biblical teaching. If it aligns with what the Bible teaches and particularly if it is more encouraging or positive than anything you would say to yourself you can be sure you heard from God. Even if God is correcting you He does not use condemnation! His correction redirects and empowers you to act differently.

When I first began this I found it really hard but I persevered and it really paid off in so many ways.

Hearing Jesus in the everyday:

Begin where it does not matter if you ‘get it wrong’.

Have a meal or coffee with just you and Jesus and talk and listen to Him like you would a friend. Ask Him to tell you a joke. Ask Jesus what He is looking at and sering. Ask Jesus what you should wear. Ask him what you should eat. Ask what route you should take to get somewhere. Ask what you should cook for dinner. Go shopping and ask what you should buy.

Don’t be afraid to disagree or discuss – many of the great people of faith have done that.

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