61. Kingdom Thinking

10/10/2018 Amanda Wilson

When the wine ran out 

At a village wedding

Most would have seen a lack

An embarrassing situation

But Jesus Kingdom thinking

Saw the solution in the making

Of abundant good wine

A Holy Spirit poured out sign


When God’s temple had become

Consumed by sales and making money

Most would have seen the need

To keep the temple running

But Jesus Kingdom thinking

Saw the need for quiet praying

With authority sent traders packing

To show God’s Kingdom reining


When Nicodemus questioned Jesus

About entry into heaven 

Most would have seen the rules

That Israel have been given

But Jesus Kingdom thinking

Spoke of a complete rebirth

Born again through God”s Spirit

A gift of eternal life


When Jesus saw a man

Who’d been ill for most his life

Most would have seen a cripple

Who was simply bound to die

But Jesus kingdom thinking

Saw God’s healing in the offering

By His command the man was walking

A sign of God’s Kingdom reigning


When Jewish leaders rebuked Jesus

For Sabbath laws broken

Some would have questioned

Jesus’ place in God’s Kingdom

But Jesus Kingdom thinking

As God’s Son saw Daddy working

And joined in the re-creating

Of this world to be God’s kingdom 


When a man chained and tormented

Fell at Jesus’ feet for mercy

Some would have seen a madman

Dangerous and dirty

But Jesus’ Kingdom thinking

Saw evangelist in the making

And sent the madman’s demons packing

A sign of God’s Kingdom’s freedom


When an adulterous woman

Was thrown at Jesus’ feet for judgement

The crowds just saw her sin

Saw her stoning as right punishment 

But Jesus’ Kingdom thinking

Saw forgiveness win the day

A sign that freedom from sin and shame

Is God’s Kingdom way


When Lazarus had died

And laid for days in the grave

All thought it was his end

That his life had been curtailed

But Jesus’ Kingdom thinking

Saw Lazarus come out living

Freed him from death’s decay

To show God’s Kingdom’s resurrection 


At Jesus’ trial and crucifixion

And death upon the cross

Satan saw his own victory

Thought Jesus had lost

But Jesus’ Kingdom thinking

Trusted God with the outcome

Knowing through His resurrection

With God we all could be One!


As I go through my day

And find problems in my way

I can think it is the end

And God’s plan is to condemn

But then Jesus Kingdom thinking

Shows me His loving way

So the power of His resurrection

Can be seen now, today


A meditation  on what “For Who has ever intimately known the mind of the Lord Yahweh well enough to become his counselor? Christ has, and we possess Christ’s perceptions.” (1 Corinthians 2:16 TPT) means in practice.

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