56. Light


06/10/2018 Amanda Wilson


I love the play of light

As it falls upon the water

The ripples kiss it as one might

The most ardent lover

It glistens like a thousand jewels

That seek to be discovered 

It gleams and winks as if to say

This is for you and none other


I love the way light dresses dawn

And holds her in embrace

Sweeps away the dark of night

And opens up days promise

Gold and crimson sweeps the sky

Caresses all that meets the eye

Her colours sing of love and life

And praise the Painter of the skies


I love the way light shines through leaves

And speckles on the ground achieves

It winks and laughs like a child at play

Chasing shades gloom away

It dances on the colours

Of recently bloomed flowers

And lights up the forest

With loving caresses


I love the way light shines

In a clear blue sky

So vibrant and so joyful

So brilliant to the eye

Lauding with all praise

The Maker of the skies

Yet softened as the days

End comes in sight


I love the way light sings farewell

As days end comes to pass

Blazing colours across the sky

That fade into the dusk

A joyful celebration

Of life now in the past

A painting full of glory

Of the King’s radiance


I love the diamond lights

That embrace the night skies

The soft light of the moon

As it landscape gently swathes

To chase away the darkness

And kiss the flowers’ fragrance

A witness to God’s love

To all who on them gaze


But most of all I love the light

Of love that’s in Your eyes

As You call me to be Yours

To share Your kingdom prize

And joyfully embrace

My presence as I rise

To sit with You at God’s right hand

And be Your eternal bride


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