40. Repentance

18/09/2018 Amanda Wilson


The road was wide and easy

Even sometimes fun to travel on

But Your Spirit said within me

”This is not the one!”


So I turned and went the other way

To find the road Jesus was on

The love, joy and peace that flow from Him

My guide and treasure when we move as one


I looked at those who have hurt me and others

And demanded that justice be done!

Jesus said, ”l’ve accomplished that all on the cross

For you and every one!”


So I turned and went the other way

To live the way Jesus does

The forgiveness that flowed to and through me from Him

Healed the damage and freed me to live again


So now when life throws me a curve ball

And it seems all my plans are now dust

I say, “Can we do this Your way Jesus?

For Your kingdom treasures will never rust!”


And I turn and took to Jesus

For wisdom, guidance and strength

I seek to have His life flowing in mine

So His deeds and His footprints are all that is left

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