35. Throne Room

14/09/2018 Amanda Wilson


A heavenly throne set in place

With God seated upon it

He sparkled like crystal

Glowed a warm reddish brown

And was circled by an emerald rainbow


Twenty-four other thrones

Encircled God’s mighty one

And on each throne sat an elder

Dressed in glistening white clothes

Each wearing victory’s gold crown


Lightning pulsed from God’s throne

Over a pavement, a crystal glass sea

Thunder and voices were heard

Seven torches blazed in front

For the seven Spirits of God


Round the throne stood four living creatures

Who worshipped God day and night

Singing, “Holy, Holy, Holy,

Is the Lord God almighty!

The Was, the Is and the Coming One!”


The elders worshipped, offering their crowns

Before the Eternal One on His throne

Singing, “You alone are worthy,

To receive glory, honour and power

For You are Creator of all”


This is the throne room of God

That John saw while imprisoned on Patmos

The heavenly place where we all can live

Through Jesus’ resurrection

And Jesus blood on the cross


The power of heaven, the power of Jesus

To overcome all and win the day

Were revealed to John in his prison

For nothing on earth or heaven

Can stand against Jesus, or stand in God’s way


A meditation on Revelation 4

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