12. The Day

13/8/2018 Amanda Wilson


As dawn breaks

In the garden of my heart

I wake

Embraced in Your arms

For You kept me safe Jesus

Through the night


As the morning sun

Lights up my work and life

You go with me

Always by my side

Your faithful Presence

Lighting up my path


When I stop to eat

l see what’s on my plate

The food You have provided

With Your sustaining word

Your blessings flow to me

As I lean upon Your frame


In the evening light

In the cool of the day

We fellowship sweetly

Sharing life’s way

And Your friendship surrounds me

Your joy is my mainstay


As night closes in

And daylight falls away

Your Presence in my heart

Brings Your peaceful way

And I rest in Your arms Jesus

Knowing I am safe.

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